Hello and welcome to Starkenn Bikes - the home of best cycles in India. In our pursuit of bringing home the best cycling experiences, we have assembled the best known world brands that are sure to enthral you. And, to satiate your yearning for an instant ownership, we have integrated here an easy to use e-commerce platform. So now, you can buy bicycles online, and any of the accessories you wish to!

Come & quench your cycling quests here. For you – the professional cyclist, we have searing pace machines from GIANT – the world’s largest manufacturer of bicycles. For you – the well travelled Indian, we have all the models that you could have pedalled in Europe, America or anywhere else in the world. And traditionally, we know that cycles in India have always been a ‘Rite of Passage’ for the pre-teens & early teens. So for you - the very young Indian, we have fascinating machines that shall permanently etch these childhood memories!

Experience the best in the world of cycling because LIFE, we believe, goes a full CYCLE!

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